Fresh Local Produce, etc.

  • Jersey Fresh Strawberries- LAST CALL!!!
  • Jersey Fresh Asparagus
  • Jersey Fresh Zucchini
  • Jersey Fresh Hot House Tomatoes
  • Red Sweet Potatoes 
  • Yellow Spanish Onions
  • Fresh Basil

Prepared Goods

  • Our own Apple Cider (frozen)
  • Peach cider
  • Fruit Butters: apple, peach, honey peach, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry-raspberry, pear, pumpkin, plum, sweet tomato, cranberry pear
  • Hank’s Hot Sauces: Hank’s heat, Camouflage, Herb Infused, Cilantro, Honey Habanero, The Linger, Witches Brew, Skedatil
  • Hank’s Rubs: regular, spicy
  • Caramel Dip: simple, creamy
  • Salsas: apple, peach, corn & bean
  • Barbecue sauces: apple butter, smoked mesquite, Vidalia onion, honey garlic
  • Steak Sauce
  • Local Raw Honey (from Harvey’s Honey): Blueberry, Cranberry, Dutch Clover, Wildflower, Orange, Butter Bean, Buckwheat
  • Harvey’s Honey candies in assorted flavors
  • Homemade goods (i.e. chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate dipped marshmallows), breads (i.e. pumpkin, apple, banana, etc.)
  • Spiced peaches in jars
  • Applesauce varieties

Deer and Turkey Feed

  • Deer apples- OUT OF STOCK
  • Shelled corn in 25, 50, 100 lb. bags
  • Cob corn (70-lb. bags)
  • Deer sugar beets- OUT OF STOCK
  • Deer sweet potatoes- OUT OF STOCK


  • Bins and stacks of split oak, split/round apple, split cherry, round peach, hickory
  • Small boxes and bags of cherry, oak, peach, hickory, apple
  • Bundles of kindling

Nursery Stock

  • Leyland Cyprus
  • Spiraea Double Play Candy Corn
  • Viburnum Yang
  • Euonymus Aureo-Marginata “Golden”
  • Euonymus Silver Queen
  • Boxwood Green Velvet
  • Pieris Japanese Cavatine
  • Picea Alberta Spruce
  • Holly Sky Pencil
  • Gold Thread
  • Thuja American Pillar
  • Azalea Hino Crimson
  • Azalea Delaware Valley
  • Spiraea Gold Mound
  • Weigela Spilled Wine
  • Rosa Knockout Doble Red
  • Hydrangea Endless Summer
  • Blackberry- Thornless Navaho
  • Blackberry- Thornless Arapaho
  • Blueberry- Patriot
  • Blueberry- North Blue
  • Blueberry- Pink Icing
  • Blueberry- Chippewa (Semi-Dwarf)
  • Raspberry- Red Heritage
  • Raspberry- Fall Gold
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Rosa Knockout Double Red (Red)
  • Double Knock Out Rose (Pink)
  • Sunny Knock Out Rose (Yellow)
  • White Knock Out (White)
  • Hydrangea Endless Summer
  • Hydrangea ES Bloom Struck


Assorted Perennials:

    • Viola “Starry Night”
    • Salvia nemorosa “May Night”
    • Creeping Phlox “Emerald Blue”
    • Creeping Phlox “Drummond’s Pink”
    • Woodland Phlox “Chattahoochee”
    • Phlox “Flame Coral”
    • Columbine Kirigami Rose and Pink
    • Pinks Peppermint Star
    • Dianthus “Early Bird Fizzy”
    • Dianthus “Scent First Passion”
    • Dianthus “Scent First Coconut Surprise
    • Dianthus Everlast Orchid
    • Carnation Kahori
    • Carnation Sunflor “Finesse”
    • Pot Carnation SuperTrouper Velvet Red
    • Pot Carnation SuperTrouper Magenta and White
    • Speedwell “Purpleicious”
    • Bugleweed “Bronze Beauty”
    • Speedwell “Forever Blue”
    • Speedwell “Sunny Border Blue”
    • Cardinal Flower
    • Garden Phlox Ka-Pow White
    • Garden Phlox “Nicky”
    • Garden Phlox Flame Coral
    • Garden Phlox Flame White Eye
    • Dwarf Garden Phlox Flame Pro Purple
    • “Glamour Girl” Tall Garden Phlox
    • Red Hot Poker Tritoma “Poco Orange”
    • Red Hot Poker “Poco Red”
    • Red Hot Poker “Flamenco”
    • Tickseed UpTick Red
    • Coreopsis “Créme Brulee”
    • Coreopsis “Early Sunrise”
    • Coreopsis (Tickseed) “Crazy Cayenne”
    • “Starship Deep Rose”
    • Daylily “Stella De Oro”
    • Astilbe “Rheinland”
    • Astilbe “Purple Rain”
    • Astilbe “Montgomery Red”
    • Ice Plant “Jewel of Desert Peridot” (Ground Covers)
    • Ice Plant “Jewel of Desert Garnet” (Ground Covers)
    • Creeping Jenny “Goldi” (Ground Covers)
    • Trailing Ice Plant (Ground Covers)
    • Spotted Dead Nettle “Orchid Frost” (Ground Covers)

Perennials- Proven Winners:

  • “Leading Lady Razzberry”
  • “Opening Act Blush”

Coral Bells:

  • Coral Bells “Carnival Black Olive”
  • Coral Bells “Carnival Rose Granita”
  • Coral Bells Heuchera villosa “Caramel”
  • Coral Bells Heuchera Hybrid “Citronelle”
  • Heuchera x Hybrida “Carnival Peach Parfait”
  • Coral Bells “Palace Purple”
  • Coral Bells Heuchera Hybrid “Southern Comfort”
  • Coral Bells “Obsidian”
  • Coral Bells “Silver Scrolls”
  • Coral Bells “Stainless Steel”


  • Creeping Speedwell “Georgia Blue”
  • “Hot Pink” Catching Silene
  • Tradescantia “Zwanenburg Blue”
  • Coneflower “Sombrero Summer Solstice”
  • Coneflower “Sombrero Salsa Red”
  • Coneflower Echinacea “Ruby Star”
  • Dicentra “Bleeding Heart”
  • Lavender Lavendula Sensational
  • Coreopsis (Tickseed) “Creme Brulee”
  • Coreopsis (Tickseed) “Big Bang Mercury Rising”
  • Astilbe “Amethyst”
  • Astilbe “Chocolate Shogun”
  • Geranium “Max Frei”
  • Baptisia American Goldfinch
  • Baptisia Deluxe Blue Bubbly


  • Hosta “Halcyon”
  • Hosta “Big Daddy”
  • Hosta “Elegans”

Lenton Rose:

  • Lenton Rose Frostkiss Pippa’s Purple
  • Lenton Rose Frostkiss Angel Glow
  • Lenton Rose Frostkiss Penny’s Pink
  • Lenton Rose Frostkiss Anna’s Red


  • Daylily “Happy Returns”
  • Daylily “Purple De Oro”
  • Daylily “Inkheart”

Flats/Assorted Flowers:

  • Flowers
  • Veggie Plants
  • Geraniums
  • Gerber Daises
  • Strawberry Plants

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