“My dad recently found your place and wishes he found it a long time ago.  He drives all the way from Pemberton to your spot to get apples.  Can’t wait to try the peaches & nectarines next year!  He’s coming again on Saturday to get Honeycrisp apples.  My 12 year old can’t get enough of the Galas.  She’d rather eat them for dinner than a meal!  Thanks again for the awesome products.”
– Tammy

“My wife and I, U.S. Navy Veterans, WWII, really appreciated your generosity in the gift of apples, vegetables, and food along with the best cider we’ve EVER had!”
– Stanley and Alice A.

“Your staff is always so friendly and helpful!”
– Bill J. (Pittsgrove)

“The apples were so juicy, I kept getting splashed with every turn of the crank on the apple peeler.  It made FABULOUS apple crisp using my grandmom’s time-tested delicious recipe!  Love your Honeycrisp apples…simply the best!”
– Marianne U.

“Everything at your place is delicious all through the year!” 
– Francis L.

“For years we have traveled from our home in Ocean City to your farm for your
delicious apples!”
– John and Harriet F. (Ocean City)

“Your peaches can’t be beat!”
– Craig E. (Collingswood)

“Thank you so very much for providing myself and so many others with such wonderful fruits, vegetables, cider, and sooo many other items.  All of us consumers are so very blessed to have a GREAT establishment as Schober Orchards and Farm Market as our resource for healthy and fresh items for our families and friends to partake of.  When I purchase from Schober Orchards, I know I am purchasing the best for my family.  May God’s marvelous light continue to shine through you.”
– Lew P.  (Salem)

“I live in Millville and have stopped at your farm market for the best apple cider I’ve ever had!  I have brought the children with me to your market and have been treated so kindly by everyone that works there.  I just want to acknowledge again the generosity that you give to your community, emergency personnel, and Veterans.  Thank you!” 
– K.D. (Millville)

“And thank you for growing the best peaches I have ever eaten.  And that goes for the neighbors in my court who benefited from your buy one get one free sale, because I shared with them all.  And from the people I work with in South Philadelphia who I also shared with.  You are the BEST!”
– Susan

“Your apples were great!   We regret not buying more.  They are gone already.  My wife and I were just commenting that your apples reminded us that the last time we had apples this good was in Illinois at a u-pick-yourself farm west of Chicago.  Our son was one year old at the time and must have eaten 3 or 4 apples that day.  Your apples brought back those memories.  We will be sure to buy from you when we are in the area.”
– Brad (Washington DC)

“Keep up the good work promoting agriculture and fruit growing”
– Jerome

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